Maja Leko Krznar


In my work, I have gained considerable experience in providing legal assistance to companies, institutions and other legal entities, as well as individuals; in legal counseling, drafting legal documents, in negotiating for the settlement of disputes, and in litigation, non-litigation, misdemeanor and other judicial and administrative proceedings.

My areas of work so far are: labor law (giving legal opinions and drafting decisions, contracts and agreements related to the establishment and termination of employment, drafting acts and representation in labor disputes), enforcement law, commercial law (commercial contracts, consulting relating to commercial relations , realization of business projects, etc.), company law (founding of companies, status changes, etc.), civil law, legal issues related to real estate and protection of intellectual property. Since the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (the so-called GDPR), I have been involved in aligning the operations of several companies and public institutions with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Law on Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation.

I have published articles in professional journals (Rif Magazine, Treasury) and participated as a lecturer in seminars and workshops with topics in various legal fields that are the subject of my work and my professional interests.

Professional Experience

  • Odvjetničko društvo RAVLIĆ & ŠURJAK d.o.o., 2019.g.
  • Odvjetnički ured MAJA LEKO KRZNAR, 2013.-2019.
  • Odvjetnički ured DARKO TEREK, 2010.-2013.


  • University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law, Law degree (dipl.iur.)
  • Bar Exam


Tel: 01/4828-559
Fax: 01/4811-989



Practice Areas

Labor law, civil law, commercial law, intellectual property law